“Not so long ago, a company from Belarus announced that it would develop a new transport technology in the UAE. SkyWay Technologies Co. is engaged in the creation of a fundamentally new mode of transport based on the use of rail electric vehicles and elevated overpasses of a special design. The development center of the Company is located in Belarus where there is also a proving ground on which engineering solutions of the new transport are tested”, The Technology Org website writes on his page. The portal publishes information about various science and technology topics.


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The Technology Org journalist reports that that construction of SkyWay had begun in Spring this year in the UAE, where two plots of land have been allocated for the project, according of the founder of SkyWay Technologies Co. Anatoly Yunitskiy, “The first section will be the innovation center. These are not test tracks, it is the SkyWay innovation center, where there are certification and demonstration sections applicable to the Emirates’ climatic zone, which is tropics. And we will also have a production facility there.” The article also refers to the October interview with Anatoly Yunitsky “Heading East”.



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