Busan Development Institute representatives from Korea visit uSky Centre

The uSky Test & Certification Center was visited by the following guests from the Busan Development Institute in Korea:

  • Dr. Yoon-Soo Hur, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Port & Logistics, Head of Planning and Coordination Office;
  • Dr. Ha-Lyong Jang, Ph.D., Researcher Fellow, Office of Planning and Coordination in Department of ocean and tourism research;
  • Dr. Ja Yeon Lee, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Business Administration.

The Busan Development Institute is a public policy research agency under the Busan Metropolitan Government that establishes various policies and plans for Busan City.

Delegations are just first stage of cooperation. At this moment there are already ongoing more than 5 – 10 targeted projects in different countries. They are not disclosed yet due to trade secrets. 


To develop complex transport infrastructure across the logistics corridor (port – airport – rail), Busan Metropolitan City is jointly establishing a ‚Busan Logistics Corridor Construction Plan‘ with the Busan Development Institute.

The guests made a trip on a certified tropical uCar, visited the control room with integrated software and hardware control systems, and got familiar with the features of uSky passenger and freight transport technology.

High speed uFlash, the pearl of uSky Transport, attracted the attention of visitors, impressing them with its technical characteristics.

uFlash has seating for six passengers and is designed to travel at speeds up to 500 km/h. With the innovative uSky rail being the core of uSky overpasses, uFlash is designed for intercity and international commuting.

The guests were shown the technical capabilities of uCont, an autonomous self-propelled electric cargo vehicle designed to move 20′ (TEU, Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units) and 40′ (FEU, Forty-Foot Equivalent Units) cargo containers at speeds up to 100 km/h. uCont is an automated unmanned vehicle intended for use in logistics hubs, sea and inland ports and mining sites in various climate conditions.

At the demonstration site delegates met with Dr. Anatoli Unitsky. The General Designer told the guests about the high standards of design and construction and the company’s mission, which drives the creation of environmentally friendly and comfortable transport.

At the uSky Transport office, the guests had the opportunity to see the model of a linear city – uCity.

After getting familiar with the features of uSky Technology, representatives of The Busan Development Institute and representatives of uSky Transport discussed the possibilities of using uSky complexes on routes between Gadukdo and Kangseo; and Gadukdo and Saha.

uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology is an ideal solution on these routes, especially considering the following advantages:

  • enhanced safety of high-speed transportation due to rolling stocks traveling high above the ground, excluding the risk of colliding with other objects moving on the ground;
  • minimal land taken by string rail overpasses, which can be easily adapted to perform any logistic tasks at speeds up to 500–600 km/h;
  • more favorable construction and operating costs compared to other types of overpass transport (monorail, magnetic levitation train, surface subway, high-speed tram, cable car) and underground metro.

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The visit of Korean representatives ended with a positive dialogue in which the parties outlined steps towards cooperation. The delegates also left positive feedback in the visitor book for guests of honor.



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