The Swiss business community representatives got acquainted with uSky Technology

SRTI Park is an iconic attraction for progressive business ideas, innovative technologies and people seeking to develop new promising projects in the UAE favourable business climate. For these reasons, representatives of the Swiss business community could not help visiting such an interesting venue, and attended uSky Test & Certification Centre being the largest and, perhaps, the most breakthrough SRTI Park project, where the construction of new test sites is in full swing now.

Delegations are just first stage of cooperation. At this moment there are already ongoing more than 5 – 10 targeted projects in different countries. They are not disclosed yet due to trade secrets. 


Managers of companies from various Swiss economy sectors have shown an active interest in uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology as an innovative and unparalleled technology that demonstrates high prospects for development of string-rail transport.

The guests visited the operator’s room with uSky computer-based control system architecture, got acquainted with the features of string passenger and freight transport technologies, learned the production and operation peculiarities.

Armed with comprehensive and sound information about the capabilities of the transport system, the guests exercised a test ride in an autonomous electric pod uCar.

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After riding uCar, the guests headed to the pavilion demonstrating the high-speed uFlash model developed for commuting on intercity and international string-rail overpass routes at the speed up to 500 kilometres per hour.

The Swiss business people were pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology, and expressed a desire to establish promising business relationships with uSky Transport in the near future.



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