TV news channel Al Arabiya reports on SkyWay solution for Dubai

AKTUALIZACE k 1.5.2019:

Dubaj oznámila výstavbu prvních 15 km tras SkyWay se 21 stanicemi mezi mrakodrapy – článek ZDE.


SkyWay continues to conquer the Pearl of the East – Dubai. In the informational space of the United Arab Emirates, they are increasingly talking about the possibilities of developing transport infrastructure based on SkyWay technology. On December 9, the TV news channel Al Arabiya released a report on the prospects for implementing innovative SkyWay solutions. The report tells that the integration of SkyWay transport into Dubai’s road network will allow to relieve the urban infrastructure, with a passenger traffic of 20 thousand people/h for the five-seat unibike and 50 thousand people/h for unicar.

“SkyWay transport, unlike other vehicles with the same capacity, uses 100 times less land area, and its energy efficiency is 5 times higher than that of electric cars, and 10 times higher for the entire infrastructure,” reports Al Arabiya.


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