uSky Transport: Way to go to India!

uSky Test & Certification Centre was visited by Mr. Gyan Singh Rathore, Tourism & Investments Advisor at National Tourism Advisory Council, Ministry of Tourism, India.

Delegations are just first stage of cooperation. At this moment there are already ongoing more than 5 – 10 targeted projects in different countries. They are not disclosed yet due to trade secrets. 


He was being accompanied by Mr. Siril Saji George, Managing Partner at Ecolit Building Contracting L.L.C, international construction company specialized in turn-key construction of LGSF buildings.

The meeting was opened by a presentation demonstrating the solid advantages of uSky Transport:

  • enhanced safety of high-speed transportation due to rolling stocks traveling high above the ground,
  • outstanding environmental friendliness,
  • high level of adaptability,
  • superior comfort,
  • energy efficiency,
  • high speed within cities (up to 150 km/h),
  • integrability into any existing urban infrastructure without disturbing the surrounding architecture.

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The delegates learned some details of constructing and operating passenger and freight transport complexes and discussed the prospect of integrating the uSky transport system into the Indian tourism sector.

Mr. Gyan Singh Rathore was interested in buildability and operability of uSky transport infrastructure in the highlands of the main resort of India, the state of Goa.

Today, uSky Transport has all the requisite resources for the construction of high-quality routes, and is ready to implement commercial projects in any region of India under any natural and climatic conditions including such as in the highlands of Goa.

The high-speed uFlash interior impressed the guests with its superior comfort and advanced integrated multimedia system.

Visitors were explained the technological features of uSky rail, which is the most important part and core of uSky Technology, and were demonstrated a mock-up of a rigid truss track structure with a mounted cargo uCont and suspended passenger uBus.

Mr. Gyan Singh Rathore gave his positive feedback in the guest book and wished uSky projects were successfully implemented in India.

It was a special pleasure to present Mr. Gyan Singh Rathore with book by Dr. Anatoli Unitsky, the monograph “String Transport Systems: on Earth and in Space” revealing the theory, prospects and main results of research on high-speed ground transport and non-rocket geospace transport systems – the General Planetary Vehicle.



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