uSky Transport gains traction with India

uSky Test & Certification Centre was attended by the delegates representing business circles close to the Indian government including founders and managers of large Indian companies.

Delegations are just first stage of cooperation. At this moment there are already ongoing more than 5 – 10 targeted projects in different countries. They are not disclosed yet due to trade secrets. 


Striving for sustainable national economy development, Indian representatives are on the lookout for new technologies and on the hunt for reliable business partners, one of which may be uSky Transport in the future.

uSky Transport Founder and General Designer Dr. Anatoli Unitsky was personally leading the uSky tour for the distinguished guests.


The tour started at the passenger station, where guests were introduced to a certified tropical uCar designed for urban and intercity travels and adapted for regions with a dry climate and an upper operating temperature limit of up to +55°C.

Dr. Anatoli Unitsky spoke about the features of the uSky complexes, assuring the guests that high standards of design and construction are key elements to ensure the safety of the string rail transport system.


The visitors enthusiastically accepted the proposal of the General Designer to share the ride in a comfortable and eco-friendly uCar.

uSky Transport apart from being a truly green form of travel has a range of typical tested and certified structural and technological members of transport system, which enables performing various tasks in the field of urban and intercity passenger and freight transportation.

Depending on customer requests and natural and climatic conditions for implementation, uSky transport and infrastructure complexes can have different transport and infrastructure configurations.

Today, uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology for urban and intercity passenger and freight traffic is ready to be introduced to the world market.

The main commercial advantage confirmed at the current stage of uSky transport development is a rather low cost compared to competing systems.

The guests’ interest was sparked by uCont, an autonomous self-propelled electric cargo vehicle designed for the movement of 20′ (TEU, Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units) and 40′ (FEU, Forty-Foot Equivalent Units) cargo containers at speeds up to 100 km/h.

uCont can be applied in logistics hubs, sea and inland ports, mining sites in various climatic conditions.

uSky cargo complexes can transport up to 100 million tons of goods a year and have several advantages over the conventional cargo transportation means:

  • applicability in regions with difficult terrain, hard-to-reach areas, water barriers, loose soils, etc.;
  • feasibility of track laying along the shortest path;
  • high environmental friendliness;
  • high energy efficiency;
  • low costs for track structure and infrastructure;
  • full automation of loading and unloading operations, etc.

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The guests learned about the efficiency, environmental friendliness and safety of high-speed electric vehicle uFlash with steel wheels.

Exceptional aerodynamic features allow for energy savings, too. At the record speed of 500 km/h, uFlash consumes only 0.93 kg/100 pax×km in fuel equivalent.

At uSky Transport office, the delegates had the opportunity to see the operating model of a linear city, the concept of which made an indelible impression on the attendees. uCity is an eco-friendly city with integrated uSky transport and infrastructure complexes using patented uSky rail and uSky overpass technologies.

uSky Transport: Dr. Anatoli Unitsky demonstrating a linear city mockup
Dr. Anatoli Unitsky demonstrating a linear city mockup
In a friendly atmosphere, Dr. Anatoli Unitsky told the guests a fascinating story about the emergence of the first concepts of string transport.

With particular pleasure, Dr. Anatoli Unitsky presented the delegation representatives with his book – “String Transport Systems: on Earth and in Space” revealing the theory, prospects and main results of research on high-speed ground transport and non-rocket geospace transport systems – the General Planetary Vehicle.

The visit of representatives of India to uSky Test & Certification Centre concluded with a fruitful and positive dialogue with Dr. Anatoli Unitsky, in which the parties expressed their serious intentions to establish a confident and productive relationship in the foreseeable future.



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