Why to become a shareholder and partner of uSky Transport by Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

I´m in love with this company and it´s mission since 2016. At that time it was only a dream. A project on a paper without anything real I could touch. But I felt very clear that this is something I trust and believe in.

The project looked so futuristic and realistic at the same time. I new that this is the direction the transportation is heading to. And today its clear that transportation above the earth level is the solution that will help the whole world – the land, water, air, plants, animals, and people.


Today it’s a whole new world with this project. Everybody can see on his own eyes and so believe easily. Let me tell you some brief information about uSky Transport and invite you to benefit from good, that is representing.

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About uSky Transport

The combination of proven technologies with innovative solutions creates a completely new approach to the transportation of passengers and cargo.

Track Structure

The uSky track structure is incredibly simple and extremely effective.

Steel strings are stretched inside the rail, which makes it possible to withstand heavy loads and ensures a high level of smoothness. Thanks to this, the transport accelerates to 500 km/h.

Any communication network can be placed into the SlyWay rails, thus creating a fundamentally new approach of interaction between people.

The anchor supports will lift the uSky tracks above the ground, eliminating intersections with any means of transport and providing the highest safety indicators.

Rolling Stock

The uSky rolling stock has no analogues in the modern transportation industry. It can be driven by a diesel engine, a turbine, a gasoline engine or an electric motor.

uSky vehicles are equipped with an unmanned control system that eliminates the human factor and qualitatively improves safety. The vehicle’s aerodynamic properties make it possible to achieve incredible speed indicators combined with the comfort of movement.


The uSky transport infrastructure can be built in any locality.The elements of its architecture have a large number of variations, which makes each transport hub unique from a visual and functional point of view.

The project for organizing buildings and transfer stations provides continuous traffic without a timetable. With such planning, passengers will be able to quickly and comfortably use transport without wasting time on waiting.

Technology Advantages

uSky Transport cardinally surpasses the existing modes of transport in key indicators


  • the track structure is above the ground which increases safety by about 100 times
  • the anti-derailment system increases safety by another 10 times
  • the automated control system eliminates human factors

Environmental friendliness

  • uSky Transport runs on electricity, therefore, significantly reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere
  • the uSky’s entire transport infrastructure requires much less materials and raw materials than any other transport.
  • uSky Transport can be built in any terrain with any climate, while preserving the natural ecosystem.


  • the cost of building uSky tracks is up to 20 times lower than the road construction of any other means of transport.
  • the fuel costs are up to 6 times lower than fuel costs of other types of transport, respectively, the cost of travel and transportation is much lower

Travel speed

  • uSky high-speed transport speed is up to 500 km/h: this is twice faster than the fastest Russian train “Sapsan”
  • the uSky urban transport reaches speed of 150 km/h: this is twice as fast as buses.
  • the uSky cargo transport reaches the speed of up to 150 km/h

Types of Transport

uSky Transport technology allows to solve any transportation problems: urban communication, cargo transportation and high-speed long-distance travel.

Anyone can invest

uSky is funded using a crowdfunding model: this implies the possibility of investing in small amounts. Therefore, everyone can make a contribution to the development of the project.

♥ Register for free and get your shares of uSky Transport technology. Share your experience and get rewarded for your help to our planet and people around you. Accept and share The Good that brings uSky Transport ♥


Investment offers are for everyone

  • For any budget – from $ 50
  • Installments with a fixed discount for 5 months
  • Large investments with a higher discount
  • Special offers for registering children’s ownership for property
  • Register and choose the investment offer that suits you

What are the achievements?


Delegations are just first stage of cooperation. At this moment there are already ongoing more than 5 – 10 targeted projects in different countries. They are not disclosed yet due to trade secrets. 


Are you curious about progress?

Then follow my section about uSky Transport » HERE «

And the best part at the end

The dividends are nearing because UST, Inc. is already making profit from targeted projects. So…


With love,


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