uSky Transport hosted the delegation visit from the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti

The delegations from the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti paid a visit to uSky Transport, which gave them a tour of uSky Test & Certification Centre. The delegation was represented by investors from Punta Cana, Santo Domingo and Haiti, including the UN Representative in the Dominican Republic, the Director of the Digital Services Institute of the Dominican Government Office of Information and Communication Technologies (OGTIC), and the Dominican Public Relations and Communications Representative.

Delegations are just first stage of cooperation. At this moment there are already ongoing more than 5 – 10 targeted projects in different countries. They are not disclosed yet due to trade secrets. 


The guests attended the control room with a software and hardware complex, thus becoming personally certain how resilient the novel mode of transport is, which is designed for urban and intercity commuting and adapted to work in a hot climate. High standards of design and construction are key components to ensure the safety of the transport system.

Armed with comprehensive information about the possibilities of the transport system and the evacuation system features, the guests were enthusiastic to take a ride in a certified tropical uCar.

At the service station, the delegates were shown the suspended container carrier uCont in motion.

uSky cargo complexes can transport cargo up to 100 million tons per year and have several advantages over the conventional cargo transportation industry:

  • applicability in regions with difficult terrain that are hard to pass, water barriers, and massive buildings;
  • feasibility of track laying along the shortest path;
  • high environmental friendliness;
  • energy efficiency;
  • low costs for track structure;
  • full automation of loading and unloading operations, etc.

At the demo pavilion, the delegates witnessed a high-speed uFlash with an integrated multimedia system and a capacity of 6 paх capable of travelling on uSky overpasses at 500 km/h and featuring aerodynamic characteristics surpassing those of such a supercar like Bugatti Veyron. It is being showcased at uSky Test & Certification Centre in Sharjah, UAE nowadays as part of the EXPO 2020 exhibition.

Visitors were also shown the linear city model, delivered a presentation of uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology demonstrating the high potential of overpass transportation, and discussed the potential applications of new uSky passenger transport solutions in both the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti.

uSky passenger complexes with up to 50 thousand pax/hour ridership became the object of special interest of the delegates. uSky technology is seen as an environmentally friendly and more cost-effective alternative to the construction of the subway, and the transport connection between the main territory of the island of Haiti and the small islands of the Dominican Republic can be carried out using linear city technology, which allows connecting settlements located at a distance of up to 3 km without single support, and also does not interfere with navigation and does not harm the nature of the coast, carefully integrating into the landscape of the area.

According to the guests from the island of Haiti, with the emersion of new uSky transport technologies in their region, the Dominican Republic has the potential to become a new Dubai in Latin America and take a leading position in a tourist attraction.

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The delegates were impressed by the tour of uSky Test & Certification Centre, thanked the representatives of uSky Transport for the warm welcome, and left their positive feedback in the guestbook.

In turn, uSky Transport representatives thanked the guests for their interest in uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology and declared their readiness to implement commercial projects guaranteeing their potential partners and customers promising business relationships and high-quality transport solutions.

Concluding the meeting, uSky Transport representatives presented the guests with the autobiography of Dr. Anatoli Unitsky „The Engineer“, in which the designer openly narrates the story of the development of the original concept of uSky transport, tells about the goals that he was guided by and the difficulties he had to face.


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